S/S 2015

Considered to be pure paintings, Smith's works are viewed as extreme in the fact that they do not deal with anything other than the movement of paint across a surface via various systems of gesture. This focus on application of the material has become the central subject of his painting and has allowed for the realization that decisions such as color are not central to his practice. This awareness, along with the development of his gestural combinations, has allowed Smith to permit outside sources the opportunity to choose from options in a customizable fashion. This aspect of the tailor-made in Smith’s work complicates such an industrial approach to abstraction as each new piece becomes the result of a unique conversation with its future owner, yet the retail nature of this exchange further affirms the status of the painting as a salable commodity. However, Smith’s exploration of the theme of art as object is tongue-in-cheek rather than cynical. The delight he takes in the play with the paint is palpable; consequently becoming pure action painting, meditations on the luscious and pleasurable potential of the material.

For his PaintingID project at FIVE ELEVEN, Smith will create ten custom paintings using one of four finishes and one of ten color options. The paintings all use three gallons of oil paint, and are 48 in. x 40 in. on canvas stretched over a 2 in. deep wood panel. The four finishes include: Linear (#1), Free-form (#2), Curved (#3), and Diagonal (#4). Four out of the ten colors available are custom colors Smith created with a NY paint factory and are exclusive to the artist's studio. These four include: Oral-B (#4FF0D8), Lavender (#AF96FA), Salmon (#FAABA5), and Blue #1 (#119AE1). The remaining six colors are standard for the paint factory and won't be used again by Smith outside of PaintingID.


Brendan Smith Studio, New York, NY


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